Wood Deck Construction in Baltimore and Beyond

Wood Deck BaltimoreSeveral weeks ago, we outlined the many benefits of low-maintenance decking. These decks are aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and maintain, incredibly durable, and they boost home value. However, low-maintenance decking has one major downfall. It isn’t wood!

The Benefits of Wood Deck Construction

Nothing beats the look and feel of real wood. It is the material all other deck building materials try to mimic. Sure, wood may require annual maintenance to maintain its luster, but it is well worth the extra time and effort. What is a few hours of staining for a year of beautiful decking?

Additional benefits of wood decking include:

  1. Curb Appeal: As we have already mentioned, wood decking is incredibly aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Durability: Not only does wood add an authentic, and natural look to your home, it is one of the most durable, and easy to care for materials available.
  3. Home Value: A new deck will add value to your home. And with a return on investment (ROI) above 80%, wood deck construction is one of the best home improvement projects a homeowner can undertake.
  4. And More!

Wood Deck Construction in Baltimore

Freedom Fence and Home provides excellent deck constructions services at affordable prices. We have built wood decks all over Baltimore and Harford counties, and each one has added beauty, and value to our clients’ homes. Our crews are experienced, knowledgeable, and high skilled, ensuring each deck we build is properly installed to meet your expectations.

At Freedom Fence and Home, we construct our decks using a number of different woods, including southern pine, cedar, and Ipe, and we only use pressure treated lumber. This not only satisfies local building codes, but also resists insect infestation, moisture, and fading from sunlight.

Every wood deck we build comes with a 5-year limited warranty on workmanship and material.

If you have any questions about Wood Deck Construction in Baltimore, please contact Freedom Fence and Home by calling 443-271-6841 or visit our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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