3 Simple Ways To Protect your Fencing From Storms

Follow these tips to protect your fence from storm damage!

We are officially in the middle of storm season which can take cause severe damage to your home and many of your outdoor features you have spent time and money installing.  Fortunately, Maryland has not been severely affected by any of the recent hurricanes, but it is still critical to storm proof your home.  One of the features that you may forget about when protecting your home from potential storms is your fencing.  There are simple tasks you have to complete when storm-proofing your outdoor fencing.  

Inspect and Repair

One of the firsts things you should do when storm proofing your fence is to check for any loose or damaged posts and support beams.  You don’t want any posts to rip off your fence during a storm and cause extreme damage to your home or any surrounding properties.  If you spot that your fence has a loose post, then try to bury them back into the ground to the best of your ability.  It is essential to replace any severely damaged posts or beams immediately.  

Trim Any Surrounding Trees

No one wants a large tree branch falling on their fence and damaging it beyond repair during a storm.  It is critical that you trim any branches that are hanging over your fencing and make sure you do this before the winter to prevent snow from snapping any branches.  If your neighbor’s tree branches are hanging over your fencing, then ask them politely if you can trim their branches.  Don’t forget to remove any dead or dying trees because they will most likely uproot and cause severe damage to your fencing and home during a torrential storm.  

Clear Your Yard

The last thing you want is a storm damaging your fence along with all of your gardening features.  A storm with high winds has the potential to have your pots and lawn gnomes flying into your fencing and even your home windows.  If you know a storm is on its way, then remove all items in your yard to protect them and your family.

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