4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Spring Landscape Projects


Work now so you can relax later!

April showers bring May flowers… but only if your landscape is properly maintained. Take advantage of the first weeks of spring and follow these steps towards a beautiful spring landscape.

Spring Cleanup

Whether or not you prepared your landscape for winter, your first task will be to clear the area completely. Pick up all branches/ debris that may have fallen into your landscape during the winter. Remove leaves from your grass and garden beds, and clean up the area you’re preparing to work on.

Plant/ Feed

If you’re looking to add new flowers and plants to your landscape, begin to plant and feed once you’ve cleared the lot. Apply a balanced organic based fertilizer in the areas you wish to add plant life to.

Before you start planting any flowers or vegetables, make sure the soil is in proper condition for planting. Test the ground for temperature and nutrition.

Sharpen Mower Blades

Sharpening your mower blades will ensure that your grass is being properly cut and not torn. You can have a professional sharpen your blades for as little as 20 bucks. The process doesn’t take long, and you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Mulch the Are

Apply a 4-inch layer of fresh mulch over all beds. This helps reduce many weeds that grow as your flowers do. There is bound to be a mulch choice right for you. Whether you shop organic, or you’re looking to protect your plants in the cheapest way possible — a mulch supplier can help you make the right choice.

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