To Deck or To Patio?

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Would a deck or patio work best for your home?

The greatest philosophers of our time have struggled to answer many questions—what is our purpose here on earth? Is butter or margarine tastier? Whose onion dip is better? The greatest of all these questions is this—to deck or to patio? This home improvement decision can be incredibly tricky, so here are some of our favorite tips to help you get the decision made (without calling in Hamlet).

Patio vs. Deck: The Basics

Patios are essentially courtyards for your home or business, but without walls to box them in. Patios are often loosely attached to the home, but they can be detached completely.  They can be made in any shape or size and be manufactured using a diverse range of materials. Unlike decks, patios are usually built at ground level.

Decks are typically made from wood or composite material. They are almost always off the ground and designed to complement the surrounding landscaping and hardscaping. Railings are always needed, and permits might be needed as well depending on where you live.

Patio vs. Deck: A Material World

The simplest way to decide between a patio and a deck is examining what material you’re using. Patios are typically made from concrete pavers, natural stones, tiles, bricks, pebbles, rocks, or gravel. Decks, like we indicated above, are almost always made of wood or composite materials.  

Patio vs. Deck: The Cost

Patios are typically less expensive to install, mainly as a result of the less expensive materials. The average cost to install a patio is about $2,600 depending on the materials and the size. Decks are almost twice the cost, weighing in at an average of a little over $6,000.  

Decks and Patios for Your Yard

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