All About Lattice Fences

All About Lattice Fences

Lattice fences make a unique and decorative border!

Installing a fence is a valuable addition to almost any property. Depending on the fence’s qualities, there is a myriad of different benefits to adding one to your property. Any fence can delineate your property line or whatever area you want fencing in (if it isn’t the border of your property). A tall wooden privacy fence can conceal your yard from view. An anti-climb metal security fence can protect your commercial property from threats. A short garden fence protects your crops from foot traffic without obstructing views. But what about lattice fences?

What Are Lattice Fences?

Lattice fences are exactly what the name describes: wood fences that are made out of lattice. The lattice is attached to the traditional posts like any other fence, and the panels are typically secured to a top and a bottom rail. Lattice fences are pretty sturdy, though not necessarily as sturdy as traditional wood fences. They are very pretty, decorative fences, and one of their best qualities is that almost no one has them, making it unique. You can get a fairly good variety of lattice styles and decorative additions for lattice fences.

What Are Their Pros?

The uniqueness of the lattice fence is its biggest pro. Very few people have them, so they are immediately unique and eye-catching. Also, if you want your fence to double as a support for climbing plants, a lattice fence is the perfect option. They are primarily an aesthetic, decorative fence, their biggest strength.

What Are There Cons?

There are a lot of cons to the lattice fence as well, depending on your goals. They are beautiful and sturdy enough, but they are not security fences. They won’t withstand a person trying to climb them. If you are looking for complete privacy, this style only provides semi-privacy – you can see right through the lattice trellis. 

Are Lattice Fences A Safe Choice?

The answer to this depends on your needs. If you want to keep a garden safe from foot traffic, or keep a smaller pet secure in a yard, they are fine. If you need to keep people out of a pool, they are not. A properly built lattice fence will be safe to stand in your yard and withstand weather, but it will not act as a security measure. 

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