How to Decorate a Fence for Christmas

How to Decorate a Fence for Christmas

Tis the season! See new ways to decorate your fence for Christmas here!

Installing a beautiful new fence on your residential property is one fantastic way to start the festive season. In Maryland, the winter is still an excellent time for outdoor home improvement projects. When you do have your new fence, you have added security, property value, and privacy. You also have an opportunity to bring even more festive cheer when the holidays come around. Below are several easy ways to decorate a fence for Christmas.

Hang Wreaths & Garlands

A classic way to decorate a fence for Christmas is to adorn it with evergreen wreaths and garlands. One can either source evergreen decorations from the local store or through making them yourself. It can be an excellent bonding activity for family and friends to make them or just to put them up on the fence. 

Keeping It Simple with Ribbons

Another option is to keep it simple. Ribbons in festive patterns and colors make for easy, simple materials for Christmas fence decorations. One can make bows and either tie them around fence posts or hang them from hooks or with wires. Red bows, plaid bows, and unusual bows are all great options!

Christmas Lights

In the dark days of winter, Christmas decorations always make a house brighter. Make your home cheery and bright with strings of Christmas lights or fancy patterns. A simple string, icicle lights, snowflake lights, multiple strings, and wreaths with lights all make for beautiful fence decorations.

Ornaments for Fences

Not all Christmas decorations are evergreens and lights. One can also get creative with ornaments such as wooden or metal stars or holiday-themed cutouts. Some install cutouts of reindeer, Santa Clauses, or grinches! If you have a chain-link fence, one can use colored plastic cups to create designs in the fence or colored chain-link privacy slats.

Practical Tips

With these ideas, it is time to figure out how to decorate a fence for Christmas practically. Three easy ways to install your Christmas fence decorations are adhesive hooks, nylon or craft wire, and ribbons. One can use either hooks or wire or both. Ready for a brand new fence? Freedom Fence is here for you in Maryland!

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