How to Spring Clean a Screened Porch

How to Spring Clean a Screened Porch

Keeping your screened porch fresh is easy; just follow these steps!

Spring is just starting to bloom as daffodils and cherry blossoms emerge in Maryland. Around this time of year, homeowners begin to think about tidying up their outdoor spaces and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine once again. If you have a screened porch, you have an excellent bonus room for enjoying both. Here’s a handy guideline on how to spring clean a screened porch. 

Clear the Room

The first step is to clear the room of all furniture and furnishings. Empty the room completely. Doing so is the best way to give the room a clean sweep on one go without having to lift and move furniture around as you work. It is also how you can clean the room thoroughly.

Sweep Away Dirt

The next step is to clean the large dirt particles out of the screened porch. Sweep any dirt, sand, and other debris off the floor and into the trash can. It is easier to clean a screened porch once large chunks of debris are gone.

Wipe Down Screens

Next, wipe down the screens thoroughly, getting into all the grooves in and around them. Screened porches will collect pollen, dirt, and grime as spring progresses, but a thorough wiping with a damp cloth can take care of it quickly. You’d be surprised how much dirt can accumulate on a window sill!

Mop the Floor

Next, you can mop the floor with soapy water or a wet detergent wipe. Water, detergent, and minimal elbow grease can clean away fine grains and dust particles, leaving your screened porch fresh and smelling good.

Wipe the Ceiling Fan

Many screened porches have a ceiling fan that helps improve air conditioning and circulation during hot summer months. To be thorough, one should also wipe down the ceiling fan to get rid of built-up dirt and dust.


Once the room is dry, you can refurnish the screened porch with your rugs, furniture, and decorations. You can now have a fresh start enjoying your Maryland screened porch!

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