Are Cedar Fences Worth It?

wood privacy fence gate arched

Is a cedar fence worth it? Answer these questions and you’ll know!

A cedar fence is a sight to behold. Its natural, reddish-brown color is rich and warm, and it bears an aromatic scent. If it lasts long enough, it will soon become a silvery gray. You might be tempted to sway anywhere between pressure-treated pine and aluminum, but cedar fences still remain a contender. Are cedar fences worth it? 

What’s the Norm for Your Neighborhood?

What kind of fences does your area have? It could give you an idea of what would be most appropriate. It will also show you what is expected for your home value. A generic, budget-friendly fence might actually lower your home value if the norm is a better-quality fence.

What’s Your Home’s Style?

Your home’s architectural style also plays a role in what fence you choose, even the material. A cedar fence can technically adjust to any house style, as a cedar fence can take on custom forms. Popular wood fence styles include picket, privacy, lattice, split-rail, and post-and-rail. A fence contractor, like Freedom Fence & Deck, can give you some suggestions.

What’s Your Budget?

Your budget does play a significant role in your fence material. Cedar fences are slightly more expensive than pressure-treated wood and more affordable than exotic hardwood, but even cedar has a price range. You can choose between different cedar lumber grades, which measure the wood quality, like how smooth or knotty it is.

How Much Maintenance Are You Willing to Do?

A downside of cedar fences is that they do need maintenance. Although they do not need the chemical treatment that pine lumber has, they will weather and crack slightly over the years. It is worth cleaning, sanding, and sealing it every few years. Use a UV-blocking stain if you want to maintain the cedar’s natural color. 

Are you prepared to take on its maintenance needs to keep your border looking great and functioning?

What’s the Purpose of Your Fence?

Lastly, what purpose do you want your fence to serve? Is it supposed to give high security, privacy, a border marker, or a combination? Cedar is a decent fence material for marking boundaries, giving privacy, and keeping people and pets in bounds.

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