How to Decorate a Rectangular Deck

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What do you do with a rectangular deck? Here are a few ideas!

For some properties, a simple, rectangular deck is the best fit for the house and the budget. You can’t go wrong with a regular deck! The question is, how do you make it into a beautiful outdoor living space? It takes some creativity. Check out these tips on how to decorate a rectangular deck.

Adding Features

Built-In Privacy Screen

Is your deck next to a busy road or visible to neighbors? No problem! You can add a built-in privacy screen that could double as an arbor. This privacy screen could have horizontal posts or latticework. Freedom Fence & Deck in Maryland can help you develop a design.

Built-In Pergola

Do you need some extra shade or a way to create a separate zone? A pergola is an excellent option. It can attach to your house or be freestanding on the deck. Its columns make it clear where one space begins and ends.

Built-In Seating

Built-in seating can create a border for low-elevation decks that don’t have deck railings, but it could also create nooks or seating areas on any deck. You could also build seating into your built-in arbor on the deck’s edge or corner.

A Simple Seating Set

If you don’t have much room on your deck, you could put an outdoor seating set with an umbrella stand on it and call it a day. If you have a place to sit, a table, and shade, you can eat, relax, and work all in one spot.

Creating Zones

If you do have room, you can create zones for different activities like lounging, dining, grilling, and sitting around the fire pit. How would you like to use your deck? You can create at least two zones on a rectangular deck, if not three!

Adding Plants

Plants bring life to any area, including your deck! Add plants that are appropriate to the amount of daily sunlight your deck receives. Plants on a deck can be in pots or deck railing planters.

Getting Festive

What about actual deck decorations? Flags, streamers, flowers, etc., can grace your deck on holidays like Fourth of July, Christmas, and Easter.

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