Unusual Fence Decoration Ideas

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Fences can be colorful and fun! Check out these creative ideas.

Fences can be so much more than the typical residential fence you see. Residential fences look beautiful as they come, but that does not mean you cannot jazz them up on the inside of the border. While HOAs might restrict what you can do with your fence on its exterior, the interior could be an entirely different story. You won’t believe these unusual fence decoration ideas have been available all along!

Unusual Fence Decoration Ideas

Painted Mural

If you are an artist or have an artist friend or relative, you could make your backyard unique with a mural on the fence. It could cover just one panel or the entire fence interior. A mural could be anything you like, from a geometric, abstract pattern to a lush Italian landscape. 

Unusual Paint Color

Your fence panels don’t have to have so much detail to make a statement, though. Another idea is to paint it a fanciful color of your choice, granted it is allowed. Paint will also wear off and works best on wood fences only. That being said, you could consider having a fence color like pink or neon blue.

Plant Walls

It is also possible to install planters on your fence in all kinds of patterns. You can hang or install rows of planter boxes or just individual pots. There is nothing like living greenery to spruce up your fence. It will also soften the look of your yard and provide a sense of movement.

Mirrors and Wall Sculptures

A slightly more eccentric option would be to hang or install mirrors and wall sculptures all over your side of the fence. Little mirrors with different frames add light, color, interest, and a sense of having more space than there is. Wall sculptures could be wooden, metal, plastic, etc.

Wall Water Feature

There is a reason that people love living on the water. The sight and sound of water give you a sense of life and peace. If you want a backyard water feature but don’t have much space, a waterfall feature could stand along your border or in the fence wall itself.

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