Backyard Floating Deck: Custom Design Ideas

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A floating deck can stand on its own or be part of a backyard feature!

A traditional backyard deck can be attached or detached from a deck. Some would say that detached decks are better for drainage and long-term safety. Even so, you also have the option of building a floating deck, which stands apart from the house. We have covered several backyard floating deck ideas in the past. Here, we shall cover some other angles. If a floating deck interests you, consider these custom design ideas. 

Custom Design Ideas: Shape

One way you can create a custom design is with the deck’s shape. A simple rectangle that is proportionate to your backyard can work marvelously, but you could also go with a completely novel design. You could carve out a circle, a trapezoid, the silhouette of an elephant, or anything you’d like.

Custom Design Ideas: Additions


If you plan to put your floating deck in a sunny spot, it is sure nice to be able to have some shade. If you want the best of both sun and shade in one spot, why not install a pergola? A pergola, with its four columns and slatted roof, can make this spot a backyard centerpiece.


Would you prefer a more enclosed outdoor living area? You could also install a gazebo on your floating deck. That way you can have both an open and a closed outdoor living space. A gazebo is romantic and picturesque and lets you have a solid roof overhead.

Backyard Pond

A floating deck could also be a platform from which to enjoy another backyard feature. One popular idea is a pond. If you don’t live next to water but would love to, a pond with a waterfall or fountain is a soothing solution. You can enjoy it by sitting on your floating deck!

Garden Haven

Are you a plant lover and gardener at heart? You could also use your freestanding deck to create a plant haven, a platform for all your potted and hanging plants. Set yourself a seat in there and you can relax and enjoy the flowers.


Yet another idea is to incorporate a backyard tree in your custom deck design. You could carve out the side or corner of your deck for a shade tree or build a deck around a tree. This design is always stunning!

Custom Seating

Seats themselves can be sculptural works of art. Chairs shaped like sculptures in bold or neutral colors can really make a statement.

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