Beautiful Deck Planter Ideas

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Adorn your deck with beautiful plants! Try out these ideas.

Plants make anything come alive. If you love spending time outdoors and you have a green thumb, then your backyard deck could be the perfect canvas to use to create your dream garden. It is especially so if you prefer to keep your lawn intact or you have a very small yard. Take these beautiful deck planter ideas into account as you design your backyard deck garden.

Creative Deck Plant Ideas

Built-In Planters

Built-in planters are boxes that could be square or long and rectangular. They could be column-like or short and wide. They usually are along the perimeter of your deck and can border it or flank built-in benches or the deck stairs. Like raised garden beds, you can grow whatever you want to your heart’s content in a contained way.

Vertical Garden Walls

Vertical garden walls look like a magic trick. They can look like a wall of lush greenery or rows of individual potted plants. Either way, they make excellent privacy screens for backyard decks and add an element of nature and beauty as well.

Hanging Planters

Does your backyard deck have an arbor, a pergola, or a gazebo? If so, you have an opportunity to decorate its border with hanging plants. You can make these hanging planters the same size and height or varying sizes and lengths. Add string lights to the perimeter, and you have a very pleasant sight to look at at night.

Potted Plants

You can hardly go wrong with potted plants! Take the garden pots of your choice with an appropriate base and arrange them as you wish on the backyard deck. Like built-in deck planters, you can use them to flank seating or stairs. They can also fill a corner for decoration.

Deck Railing Planters

Deck railing planters are another great way to add plants to your deck while saving space. Border your deck railing with your favorite flowers or garden plants with the help of these decorative planters.

Working with the Landscape

There is another creative deck planter idea that might blow your mind. Instead of adding plants to your deck, why not add the deck to your plants? Build the backyard deck around a favorite tree or incorporate a shrub or flower cluster. 

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