Fun Deck Pattern Ideas

Freedom Fence & Home Deck Pattern Ideas

Consider some of our fun deck pattern ideas to give your custom deck an extra bit of character and charm.

Fun deck patterns are a way to showcase your style and upscale your home. Decks don’t have to be boring; as you can see already, there is more than one way to personalize a deck besides the railing, material, and color. How the deck boards lay on the joists can change how you perceive your outdoor living space entirely. Read on to see these fun deck pattern ideas below.

About Deck Patterns

Deck patterns can make a statement, create optical illusions, or make the deck match your home’s style. It can be historical, fashionable, simple, or even colorful. These fun deck pattern ideas below are just the beginning of what is possible for your Maryland backyard deck.

Fun Deck Pattern Ideas

Traditional Patterns

In the U.S., you can find various traditional patterns in brickwork and woodwork. Two such patterns are Herringbone and Chevron. Herringbone is a pattern of interlocking boards that meet at a 45-degree angle. It looks like the boards are braided together. The Chevron pattern looks like the feathers at the end of an arrow. Divided by one straight deck board, the other boards streak out diagonally and symmetrically. It helps create two outdoor living zones.

Simple Border

Another option is the picture frame pattern. The boards that make up the deck floor can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, but they are bordered by a “picture frame” border. This border can be a different color from the center boards. It is simple but elegant.

Zone Outliners

You can also use framing deck boards to delineate zones. For example, you could create two picture frames within one. Your deck’s outdoor living zones could even have concentric frames from the middle to the edge. These boards could be all the same color or take on different tones.

Two-Toned Emblems

Perhaps the most creative option of all is the create an image on the wood deck’s surface. It could be an emblem, like a geometric pattern, or it could be a butterfly, a religious symbol, or a star. The options are endless.

Looking for more ideas? Check out these backyard deck themes.

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