Smart Ways to Cool Your Sunroom

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Is your sunroom too hot in summer? It doesn’t have to be!

Sunrooms are lovely outdoor living spaces. They protect you from the heat, rain, wind, and insects, but they let you feel the outdoor temperature and the breeze if you like. Maryland is a great place to have a sunroom. Are you looking for smart ways to cool your sunroom in the Old Line State? Follow these tips, and ask Freedom Fence and Deck for a free estimate if you’re looking to renovate or build.

Install Blinds or Shades

A lack of light instantly decreases the amount of heat that can reach a room. Even though the sunroom should be full of sunshine, it can sometimes get too much if you don’t have any cooling systems. Drawing the blinds, pulling down the shades, or even closing the curtains will help you cool down.

Install Awnings

If you’d rather keep the windows clear on the inside, you could install awnings on the outside. Awnings are by no means outdated, and you can install retractable awnings if you want some flexibility. The shade from the outside will help cool the inside. 

Tint the Windows

There are at least three kinds of window tinting for sunrooms: decorative, solar, and security. Any of these options can help you reduce glare, protect against UV rays, and add privacy to your sunroom. Of course, it will also help to cool your sunroom.

Use Insulated Glass

The more insulated your sunroom is, the better it can retain interior temperatures. Make sure the sunroom’s walls are insulated and that the windows are double or triple-glazed. You should be able to feel a slight difference between outdoor and sunroom temperatures.

Maximize Air Circulation

Wind is always colder than air, or at least it feels that way. Don’t let hot air stand still in your sunroom; keep it moving with ceiling fans, portable fans, and portable air conditioners for sunrooms. Simply circulating the air should help significantly.

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