Backyard Deck Ideas: Themes

vinyl deck in shade river background

These might be the coolest backyard deck ideas you have heard of yet!

Backyard decks are blank canvases waiting to bloom into cozy retreats. They might be simple outdoor platforms now, but they can become elegant oases on a regular Maryland property. Among the many backyard deck ideas out there, how many are related to themes? Creating a theme can help your backyard deck design come together. Here are just a few themes to try on for size.

Cool Themed Backyard Deck Ideas


What if your backyard deck took you to a faraway place? What if it kept you right at home? What if you turned it into your favorite kind of establishment? Turn your backyard into a spot reminding you of your favorite destination, like Paris or Narnia, or show your state pride. Maryland has plenty! Otherwise, how about making it look like a cafe or a surf shack?


Another possibility is to give your backyard deck a nature theme, like the coast, the forest, or the tropics. Some potted plants or minimal landscaping can help out with this kind of theme. Maryland is the perfect place to have a nautical, beach, or waterfront-themed deck, with its many natural rivers, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean nearby.


What about centering your deck around your favorite hobby or fandom? In fact, why not make it the place to practice your hobby, whether it be working out, gardening, or gaming? If you’re going for a fandom theme, you can integrate designs directly into the deck or through decor


Perhaps the deck is not so much the centerpiece as the garden around it is. You can bring nature onto the deck with decorative pots, deck railing planters, and built-in planters. You could also surround the deck with beautiful landscaping. 


Some backyard deck ideas focus on color more than anything. Keep your design simple and functional, and focus on using colors that go well with your home’s exterior colors. It can also be as simple as that.

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