Benefits of Pressure Treated Wood

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Discover the benefits of pressure treated wood.

It’s hard to decide what wood is good to use for your deck. Lucky for you, pressure treated wood is the best suggestion we could make for your landscape. If you’re not sold on why you should invest in this type of wood, here are some reasons why pressure treated wood is one of the top decking options on the market.


A major benefit of pressure treated wood is its durability. There is no question how strong this wood is compared to other wood with wearing and tearing. If you are looking for wood for a household project, like building a new deck, pressure treated wood can stand the wear and tear from weather conditions, constant use and other damaging factors. This wood is also known to scratch difficulty, which means if dragging a grill back and forth is a worry for damaging the wood, even a minor scratch would be hard to apply with its durability.

Aesthetically Pleasing

When it comes to investing in a pressure treated wood deck, it will enhance the look and feel of your property immediately after installation.  Pressure treated wood has a traditional, clean look that homeowners strive for. Having a pressure treated wood structure in your backyard, such as a deck or fence, will increase curb appeal.  So, you will have a focal point when it comes time to put your home on the market.

No Attraction to Insects

The last benefit of using pressure treated wood is its lack of attraction to insects. If you’ve been noticing multiple insects infestations in your kitchen, it could be because the insects are drawn to the type of wood on your deck. This invites them into your lawn, and the smells from your house invite them in your home. With pressure treated wood, the attraction is dull making insects less drawn to the inside of your home.


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