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Here is an example of recessed deck lighting under a covered deck

Deck lighting can bring your deck to life! What good is a beautiful custom deck that no one can see? Not only does adding lights to your property enhance aesthetic appeal, but it also aids in safety security. Whether you need a new deck or lights added to a preexisting deck, we have you covered! Here are more details about the benefits of adding deck lighting to your Catonsville home. 

In-Floor Deck Lighting Helps to Illuminate Your Property Like Never Before 

In-floor lighting is a simple yet elegant way to add lights to your deck. If you’re thinking about going this route, trendy areas for placement include deck corners, near steps, or somewhere close to your seating area. 

Stair Lighting Enhances Visual Appeal and Safety

Using this type of lighting has two benefits. One, it helps your stairs stand out like never before. Two, if you don’t want to limit what time you can use your deck, this is a perfect solution. For homeowners who love entertaining during the nighttime, deck lighting helps you, your family, and your guests safely navigate up and down the stairs without potential injury. 

Overhead or Recessed Lighting is Outstanding

Overhead or recessed lighting refers to lights somewhere inside a wall, ceiling, or another type of surface. You can also conceptualize this as a “downlight” or “downward lighting.” Recessed lighting is never an outdated option because it helps an environment to look larger than it is. If you have a smaller space for your deck, you may want to consider this option. 

Deck Lighting Can Highlight Specific Features

Covered decks and area spotlighting go hand in hand. Spotlights can highlight a particular feature of your deck that you love, such as your dining table. 

String Lighting is Subtle But Stunning

There are many ways to beautify your deck, yes, even during the colder seasons. However, string lighting doesn’t only bring a Christmas flare to your deck. It creates a festive or romantic ambiance at any time of the year. 

If your curiosity has piqued, and you’re ready to learn about the many deck lighting options that we can install, reach out to us today. We gladly service Catonsville and all Baltimore County residents. 

For All Your Deck Lighting Needs in Catonsville, MD

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