Does Your Deck Need to be Repaired?

deck repairs

Do you need deck repairs?

As spring slowly approaches and you prepare for spending warmer days outside relaxing, don’t forget your deck! Waiting to repair or replace your deck until the busiest time of the year can mean missing out on weeks of relaxation. How can you determine if you need deck repair?

Missing Pieces

Every deck should have four main components in good condition: wood, nails, screws, and metal connectors. All of these components work together to keep your deck in great condition and safe to use. Take a walk around your deck and see what you can spot. Chances are, if you don’t see all four of the above components you’re in need of deck repair.

Loose Pieces

Just like almost anything else, over time your deck will have wear and tear. Even if your deck has all of the above elements, they might be worn or in need of a tightening. How can you tell if you have some loose connections?

  • Wobbly or loose hand railings
  • Wobbly or loose stair steps or ledgers
  • Hand railings or stair steps that seem to tilt away from the home
  • A ledger pulling away from your deck (warning—this can be a sign of imminent collapse, not just a quick repair!)

Wood Rot

Just like with wood fencing, wood rot can take a major toll on your wood deck. If you have any visible signs of rot like discolored patches, mold, mildew, and soft areas you might need to call Freedom Fence to repair the affected area. In order to prevent wood rot from spreading across your deck, it’s a good idea to get the affected boards, beams, and hand railings removed and replaced as quickly as possible.  

For Your Fencing and Decking Needs All Year Long

Whether you want a brand new patio in the spring or want to install a beautiful new wood fence, Freedom Fence and Home has the expertise, competitive prices, and professional service you need. Freedom Fence and Home has over 50 years of fencing experience in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best customer service experience possible. To see examples of our work and pick the right fence for your home, visit us online. To get started on planning your project, give us a call at (443) 271-6841 or visit us online. For more information, tips, and updates about Freedom Fence and Home, follow us on Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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