Deck Replacement in Bel Air

Deck Replacement in Bel AirExperts tend to agree that the average lifespan of a pressure treated wood deck in Bel Air, Maryland is somewhere between 10 to 15 years. Sorry to burst your bubble. All good things must come to an end, as they say. Even your once proud deck will eventually need to be replaced. But when? 10-15 years is a large gap.

Is it Time for Deck Replacement?

As we have already said, the average lifespan for a wood deck is 10-15 years. And that is just the average. Some decks last longer. Others don’t even make it a decade. So how do you know when your deck needs replacing? Well, there are several factors to consider:

Quality Construction

First and foremost, it is important to choose the right decking company. With 40 years of experience, Freedom Fence & Home has provided the highest quality deck construction services throughout Baltimore and Harford counties. Specializing in Wood (we use pressure treated southern pine, cedar, and Ipe), Low Maintenance, and Composite decks, our crews are experienced, knowledgeable, and high skilled, ensuring each deck we build is properly installed to meet your expectations.

Regular Maintenance

Wood decks require annual maintenance. Without regular sealing and staining, your wood deck will not last. Period. When moisture is allowed to penetrate your wood decking, it will accelerate the aging process, lead to woot rod and eventual structural failure.

Deck Replacement in Bel Air

If your current deck is old and showing signs of wear, call Freedom Fence and Home. We can evaluate your deck and make recommendations. The solution may be as simple as applying a new coat of stain or as complex a total replacement. We will know more when we see the deck in person.

If it is time for a new deck, don’t worry. We have successfully completed hundreds of deck replacements throughout Bel Air and the surrounding area. Our representative will review your choices of deck replacements – hardwood, PVC decking, or composite decking – and offer insight and advice based on years of experience and knowledge.

Deck replacement is affordable and can be completed within a day or two.

If you have any questions about Deck Replacement in Bel Air, please contact Freedom Fence and Home by calling 443-271-6841 or visit our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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