Deck Replacement in Howard County

Deck Replacement in Howard County

Deck replacement ensures that your home’s exterior looks excellent!

Here at Freedom Fence, we specialize in deck replacement. If you’re a Howard County resident who needs new decking, look no further. We offer all kinds of deck styles that will seamlessly blend into your home’s architecture. Decks make a home’s exterior more visually appealing, but they also encourage you to spend more time outdoors. The weather is starting to cool down, so you should take this opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without feeling stifled. If you’re unaware of the signs that deck replacement should be on your to-do list, you’ll appreciate this valuable information. Here are some a few indications that your beloved deck has seen better days. 

Damage That’s Hard Not to Notice

If you notice cracks, missing screws, large holes, split boards, termite damage, or any other significant wear and tear signs, contact us right away. Not only is a damaged deck an eyesore, but it can be dangerous

Rotted Wood

Rotting wood is an issue that you shouldn’t ignore. Wood rot spreads pretty quickly, weakens the structure, and causes decks to deteriorate over time. High amounts of wood rot mean that deck replacement needs to happen. For this reason, it’s vital to take care of any structure that consists of wood. Wood needs a little TLC. If you’re not a fan of the maintenance and upkeep that wood requires, PVC decks are a practical choice that doesn’t skimp over style.

If Your Fence is Older

Wisdom does come with age. However, it’s not wise to keep a deck past its expiration dates. Older decks can be more dangerous or prone to lose their luster. While decks can last anywhere between 15-40 years, depending on the material, you should see if deck replacement is necessary around the 20-year mark. 

Problematic Posts

You should pay special attention to the posts. They are what holds up your deck! They carry a significant amount of weight and support the structural integrity of your deck. If you ever notice water pools around the base of your deck, call us! 

Deck Replacement Considerations

If you need a new deck, here are a few determining factors:

  1. Material: Ask yourself if you want the cost-effective and classic beauty of a wooden deck or a low-maintenance (but equally as beautiful) PVC alternative
  2. Budget: Pay for what you can afford. Ask us about our financing options!
  3. Maintenance: Ask us about what you’ll need to do to keep your deck in excellent shape! 

If you’re a Howard County resident reaching out to us for the first time, you’re in luck! We have a fantastic discount on decks happening right now! 

For Your Deck Replacement Needs in Howard County, MD

Whether you want a brand new patio in the spring or want to install a beautiful new wood fence, Freedom Fence and Home has the expertise, competitive prices, and professional service you need. Freedom Fence and Home has over 50 years of fencing experience in the Baltimore County, Harford County, Essex, White Marsh, and Bel Air area and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best customer service experience possible. To see examples of our work and pick the right fence for your home, visit us online. To get started on planning your project, give us a call at (443) 271-6841, or visit us online. For more information, tips, and updates about Freedom Fence and Home follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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