Screened Porch Design: 5 Avoidable Mistakes

Screened Porch Freedom Fence

A screened porch is an undeniably fantastic addition to any home

A screened porch is an undeniably fantastic addition to any home. It makes an excellent space for entertaining guests or simply sitting out and enjoying nature without battling the bugs. As you’re planning your screened porch design, keep these common mistakes in mind and avoid them.

Choosing The Wrong Location

Think about what you want from your screened porch before you settle on a final location. If you want privacy, the porch shouldn’t be too close to your neighbor’s porch. Suppose one side of your home gets direct afternoon sun, that’s not an ideal place for your porch since it will bake. Take stock of what the different sides of your home offers. Then, decide on the location for the porch.

Choosing High Maintenance Materials

When you’re planning, have discussions with your contractor about the different options available to you. Your contractor can help you choose the best materials within your budget that limit your maintenance costs and effort. Your contractor can also advise you about roof pitch and screen coverings to limit water damage potential.

Building Small

Just because you only need a little space now doesn’t mean things will always be that way. If you can afford to build a larger porch, do it. You’ll eventually find space usage and be happier than if you found the porch lacking space after a few years and family changes.

Not Planning For Traffic

As you plan your screened porch, think about how traffic will flow to and through your home’s focal point. Is there an existing doorway, or will you need a new one? Which room will people walk through to get to the porch? Will there be outside access, and from what part of the property?

Forgetting Amenities

Look at this space as an extension of your living area, so don’t forget the comforts as you customize it. Many amenities are easier and cheaper to add if you do it upfront than if you try to do it later. So if you want this space to be a home theater or a second kitchen, plan for it now, before you build.

For Your Screened Porch Needs

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