Exceptional Pergola Decoration Ideas for Christmas

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Is your pergola ready for the Christmas season?

There are endless ways to decorate your exterior property for Christmas. If you love to enliven your home for Christmas, your pergola is a great backyard element to dress for the holidays. Express your holiday joy with a unique combination of these exceptional pergola decoration ideas.

Pergola Decoration Ideas for Christmas


It is easy to buy ribbons from the fabric or craft store and use them to add festive color to your pergola. You can use different color schemes, like red and green or blue and silver. Wrap the ribbons around your pergola’s columns, tie bows around them, or stick them to the roofline.


Garlands are a Christmas classic. A garland can be quite creative, using different elements like evergreens, berry sprigs, pine cones, ribbons, and lights. Garlands are excellent for wrapping around the columns or hanging along or over the roof.


Christmas wreaths can be large or small and made of more items than you think. They could be made of classic conifers, but other materials include eucalyptus, boxwood, holly, vines, laurels, herbs, and flowers. Wreaths can hang from the perimeter of your pergola’s roof.


Create your own Christmas swags with trimmings from your Christmas tree and found items from your backyard. Tie them together securely with wire and ribbon and hang them from the four corners of your pergola or along the roof.


Pergolas can come alive at night with a curtain of lights or string lights wrapped around the columns and the roof’s slats. They can be simple or decadent. If you go with white lights, choose a warm white.


Who says ornaments are only for the Christmas tree? You can also hang decorations from the pergola’s roof, dangling down over your outdoor living area.


Speaking of your outdoor living area under the pergola, you can easily make it festive by changing out outdoor pillowcases and small decorations. Add a tabletop fire pit to add light, ambience, and warmth.

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