Outdoor Living Feature Gift Ideas

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Looking for a big ticket gift the whole family can enjoy? Think outdoor living.

If you have been wanting to give your significant other or family member a truly memorable, long-lasting gift, it will be a gift that he or she will enjoy personally and with a lot of other people. It should be a thoughtful gift that will bless them abundantly. If your intended gift recipient loves nature, then you could use any of these outdoor living feature gift ideas as inspiration.

The Value of Outdoor Living Features

An outdoor living feature is a structure that is part of the development of your landscape. It enhances it functionally and decoratively and is usually a hardscape. Developing your property for outdoor living invites family and friends to reap the benefits of spending time together and outdoors. Sunlight, fresh air, and natural sights and sounds, along with community, improve our health.

Outdoor Living Feature Gift Ideas

Decorative Fence Post Caps

Fence post caps can be decorative and functional. Some are sculptural and have a motif such as an anchor, a fleur de lis, or an animal. Others have solar lights and light up your yard’s perimeter at night. They are fun and can make evening background parties even better with improved visibility.

Outdoor Stereo System

Music is essential to life. Gift the music and nature lover in your life with an outdoor stereo system they can hook up to their deck, screened porch, or sunroom. If you feel this outdoor living space could use some tunes, an outdoor-friendly system is a great way to go.

Hot Tub

You don’t know how great it is to soak in a hot tub until you’ve tried it out for yourself. A hot tub is both pleasurable and healthy; it helps with blood circulation, deep sleep, muscle and joint health, and relaxation. Some say it helps flush out toxins, also. It is possible to integrate a hot tub on a deck in different creative ways. Some are sunken and some fit into the side of a deck.

Deck Renovation

You could also go back to basics and make an old deck good as new. How can you sit on your deck if the boards are warped, the paint is peeling, and the railing is shaky? Make your deck into a new outdoor room with Freedom!

Screened Porch or Sunroom

Lastly, consider a screened porch or sunroom addition for the whole family to enjoy as a big-ticket outdoor living feature gift. It is more palatable to those who like the outdoors but not the bugs.

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