Are Screened Porches Outdated?

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Are screened porches tacky or outdated? The short answer is no!

It might have been a while since you’ve stepped into a screened porch, but you have considered the idea of adding one to your backyard deck or patio. You might actually have a screened porch, but notice that it needs some repairs and might even be on its last legs. Is it worth replacing? On top of that, you might wonder, “Are screened porches outdated?” The short answer is no, but let’s get into whether it will be worth it for your particular home.

No, Screened Porches Are Not Outdated

Screened porches might be less common in some parts of the United States, as warmer climates get to enjoy outdoor living spaces like screened porches more than colder ones. For instance, you’re more likely to spot a screened porch in a southeastern or Floridian backyard than one bordering Canada. 

There is the regional difference, but there’s also the time period difference. There is no reason why new homes are less likely to have a screened porch today than a few decades ago, especially if it is in your backyard rather than on the front of your house. That being said, we’ll now see if a screened porch is worth it for your home, looking at the benefits of screened porches objectively.

Are Screened Porches Worth It?

If you would love to enjoy the outdoors in your own backyard without getting bothered by insects, rain, or blistering heat, then there is no better solution than a screened porch. It puts a roof over your head, screens out the critters, and is large enough to create a whole indoor-outdoor sitting room. If you like the idea of having more space than not, then it is better to go with a screened porch rather than a screened gazebo. 

Similarly, if you prefer to have an open breeze rather than an enclosed space, then a screened porch is better than a sunroom. Keep in mind, though, that some screened porches also have removable, solid, clear vinyl panels. Clear vinyl screens also help insulate your screened porch in cooler weather.

Ultimately, a screened porch is worth it to you if it meets your goals without compromising the sunlight and views of your home. If you have an old screened porch, it may be worth replacing it so you can make the most of your backyard.

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