How to Design a Pool Deck

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A swimming pool is a great feature for a backyard, especially if you love to swim on a hot summer’s day or even year-round! Why rely on a public pool when you can have your own? If having one is your goal, you might opt for an above-ground pool. With one of these, you will want to know how to design a pool deck.

First Build the Pool

First, you will want to install the pool itself. It is a lot easier to build a deck around a swimming pool that already exists than the other way around. Keep in mind that it is a little more challenging and potentially costly to build a deck around a rounded pool rather than one that is square, rectangular, hexagonal, etc. 

Choose Your Deck Material

Next, you’ll want to choose your deck material. With Freedom Fence & Deck in Maryland, you can build a wood, PVC (vinyl), or composite, a mix of plastic and wood fibers. Wood is the least expensive and will not be so hot underfoot. Vinyl and composite decks need less maintenance than wood decks and look just as great.

Make Enough Room

When you design a pool deck, make sure that there is enough room to access and exit the swimming pool. It should be wide and deep enough to accommodate anyone climbing in or out of the pool from the ladder.

Consider Seating Areas

The most luxurious pool decks include seating areas where you can sunbathe or keep under the shade. You might even have a pergola to define this outdoor retreat. Some people include the above-ground pool as part of their backyard deck that connects to their house, which makes it easier to incorporate a place for chairs and a grill.

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What to Build Around the Pool

The pool deck can be as simple as stairs and a platform to access the above-ground pool. If you have ample space around your above-ground pool, you might cover its perimeter with lattices or panels matching the pool deck. If you have space, you can also create bar seating around your above-ground pool.

Mind the Fence

If you have a backyard pool, you will need a fence in Maryland. Make sure the deck design does not interfere with the fence.

Find a Pool Deck Builder

A reliable pool deck builder with plenty of years of experience in your area is key to getting a great result. If you are ready to begin your pool deck project, please reach out to Freedom Fence & Deck!

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