Deck Railing Materials: Mixing and Matching

Deck railing materials can be more than just railing!

Are you looking to update your old deck railing? Perhaps you are planning a new deck design. Whichever the case, the quality of your deck railing is vital to your safety. Depending on what material you use, it can also enhance your view. Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity regarding deck railing materials. For more inspiration, check out Freedom Fence & Deck’s gallery.

Deck Railing Materials: Top Ideas

Matching the Deck Material

The tried and true way is to match your deck railing material with your deck’s material. There is nothing wrong with having a wooden deck with a wooden railing. It keeps the design simple and consistent. The deck might even have a cleaner look when you use the same material and color for the whole design. On the other hand, you might consider mixing your materials.

Mixing Materials: Alternative Options

  • Wood: Wood is the most affordable and the only natural deck material on the market. If you would like to keep the railing affordable and rustic, it doesn’t hurt to install wood deck railing on a vinyl or composite deck.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is sturdy and very low-maintenance. You can fortify your deck railing with this advanced material. It comes in a variety of neutral colors, from white to red to black. A popular option is to install vinyl railing on a wood deck.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum deck railing can be simple or decorative. Regardless, everyone knows that aluminum is strong, lightweight, and low-maintenance. Its thin rails help preserve the view.
  • Steel: Steel cables often run in horizontal rows between deck railing posts as a modern, minimal safeguard on deck. It conserves the views and does its job excellently.
  • Glass: If you would like something more solid but would like to keep the backyard view, glass panels are also an option. They can be large panels between posts or louvered panels.
  • Mixed: Some deck railing combines two materials. Popular examples include aluminum and wood, and glass and vinyl.

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