Do Screened Porches Add Value?

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Do screened porches add anything to your home? Yes, yes they do!

If you are considering building a screened porch in your backyard, you might have many design ideas. You might go with a custom design, a freestanding design, or one that covers half your deck. Of course, there is also the cost, the maintenance, and the possibility that it will detract natural sunlight from coming indoors. Do screened porches add value? With the right placement and design, here’s how you know screened porches add value.

How You Know Screened Porches Add Value

Your Area Has Plenty of Temperate-Weather Days

Screened porches are for people who like spending time outdoors with some comforts of the indoors. They will only be useful if you live in an area where you can enjoy the outdoors for at least a third of the year. Of course, you can take some measures to make a chilly screened porch warm and cozy, but don’t count on it if you live in regions that often stay above 100 degrees or below freezing.

Your Area Has a Bug Problem

Does your area suffer from swarms of insects during the summer? Gnats, mosquitoes, flies, and other, lesser-known species can come out of nowhere to land on your head and face and food when you are trying to work from home outside or have a cookout. Screens are enough to keep them all out! 

Your Backyard Could Use Some Shade

Did you get sunburned last year because you tried sitting on your deck in the hot sun last summer? A screened porch enclosure will allow you to get the sunshine without getting sunburnt or suffer from sun stroke. An umbrella or awning offers some protection, but a screened porch gives you a whole outdoor room.

If There Is Enough Demand

Does your location sound like it deals with these different problems? If so, then you can safely say that a screened porch is worth it, if the design works for your property. You or the next homeowner will appreciate having an outdoor space where they can escape from the heat and bugs.

Your Home Could Use an Extra Room

Is your home feeling a bit small? Could it use a bonus room for a hang-out spot? While it might not add square footage to your home, a screened porch can enhance your home’s interior functionality.

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