How to Protect a Screened Porch from Pollen

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Protect your porch from pollen with any of these ideas!

Pollen is prolific in Maryland, a great unpleasantry for many. If you love spring but can’t stand pollen, it would naturally be hard to enjoy your screened porch as you’d hoped. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to protect a screened porch from pollen, which we will discuss below.

Install Clear Vinyl Windows

Different companies sell screened porch enclosures, from detachable vinyl windows to vinyl curtains with velcro or magnetic attachments. A solid barrier is the ultimate way to protect your screened porch from pollen, and vinyl or fiberglass coverings are solid solutions.

Grow Hedges

Another way to protect your screened porch not only from pollen but from wind and rain also is planting hedges. If you do not mind the lessened sunlight in the screened porch, a tall, well-groomed hedge can help block out the elements naturally, including pollen.

Hang Tapestries & Curtains

Another solid barrier you could install would be a tapestry. Your curtains don’t have to be boring, especially if you want to create a cozy space rather than a room with bright light from all sides. A tapestry could add style that makes your screened porch unique.

Install a Ceiling Fan

A low-running ceiling fan does not prevent pollen from entering necessarily, but it does prevent dust and pollen from settling on the floor and furniture. It will help air out your space, especially on hot days.

Install a Misting System

Water droplets from a misting system catch and keep pollen from moving any further. You could install a mister around your screened porch perimeter to stop pollen in its tracks and keep your screened porch cool.

Clean Routinely

Unfortunately, a screened porch is technically an outdoor area, so you can expect outdoor debris to come into it at some level. Keeping up with cleaning will remove any present pollen, even if it is minimal.

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