Light Up Your Deck This Fall

Light Up Your Deck This Fall

Need deck lighting ideas? We’ve got plenty!

A backyard deck is a great place to hang out or have some alone time. This part of the house might be underused; it is a living area with great potential. If you have a backyard deck and would love to use it in the evening, then these ways to light up your deck will help you have a great time this fall or any season.

String Lights

Hanging outdoor string lights is one of the easiest solutions to your dark deck problem. String lights come in different colors and designs, so you have some creative options. They can be temporary or left year-round to light up your deck railing and deck stairs. If you have a pergola or deck light poles, you can also string the lights around these for overhead lighting.

Outdoor Floor & Table Lights

Another decorative but functional option would be to use outdoor floor or table lamps. Some outdoor lamps for sale are battery-powered and some are solar-powered. You could also find lights that have an automatic timer so that your deck can be illuminated at certain hours every evening.

Post Cap Lights

Post cap lights can also be solar-powered. These lights fit on top of each deck railing post along your deck stairs and deck platform perimeter. Post cap lights come in different styles, so you also have quite a range of stylistic options. This sturdy deck light can light up your deck and deck stairs in a simple and effective way.

Deck Railing Lights

Deck railing lights can also be built-in lights; one could have built-in lighting of varying styles in the deck railing posts or along the deck’s perimeter. Some deck lights run along the underside of the top horizontal deck rail for a cool effect. Built-in deck railing lights can extend along your deck stair railing for safe passage to and from your deck.

Deck Stair Lights

Built-in deck stair lights often sit within the stair stringers or risers. This built-in set up will set your deck for life to provide deck stair safety at night. If built-ins are the way you’d like to light up your deck, contact us at Freedom Fence & Deck!

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