Protect Your Wood Deck This Winter

Freedom Fence & Home protect your wood deck

It’s important to protect your wood deck during the winter season to prevent moisture damage that can cause rot and deterioration.

The deck in your backyard is an excellent investment in your property, but it only adds to the value of your home and curb appeal if it is in good condition! Winter weather can wreak havoc on anything that’s outside, and your deck is no different. What are some of the ways you can protect your wood deck for the winter?

Clean the Deck Off

Your deck can accumulate a surprising amount of clutter over the course of the summer. Toys, furniture, lawn care equipment, and more can all sit on the surface. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing when the weather is nice, it can be a major issue when you want to protect your wood deck for the winter. Remove any clutter from the surface of the deck and put it into your garage or shed. If you leave them on the surface, it can discolor the wood and also make it harder to shovel snow.

Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can naturally occur on a wood deck, but that doesn’t mean that you want to allow them to flourish. To protect your wood deck for the winter, you should remove all traces of mildew and mold, particularly around cracks and boards. The elevated moisture levels from snow and ice can lead to additional moisture problems, so starting with a blank slate can reduce the risk of things worsening.

Seal or Stain

To protect your wood deck, you also need to protect the wood itself. If you have not sealed or stained your deck in the past year, you should have it inspected to determine whether it is necessary. A high-quality sealant will be able to protect each board of wood against moisture and the negative effects of snow and ice accumulation. This also can dramatically extend the lifespan of your wood deck.

We Make Protecting Your Deck Easy

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