Winter Deck Maintenance Tips

freedom fence Winter Deck Maintenance Tips

Explore these winter deck maintenance tips and get your deck ready!

These cold months that are upon us are a great time to take a good look at your wood deck. Armed with the right winter deck maintenance tips, you can do a few things here and there to ensure that your deck stays in top condition throughout not just the winter, but the years to come. 

As nice of a material as wood is for decking, it also requires some of the most maintenance, especially because it swells and contracts during the summer and winter. Take these winter deck maintenance tips and get your deck ready!

Do an Inspection

Chances are that it has been a while, perhaps since you had your deck installed, since you had a deck inspection. Mold and mildew are signs that it’s time to do some cleaning, where damage from wear and tear requires repairing before it gets worse—but both of these are problems you might not realize until you have someone inspect your deck for you. After they do so, they can give you a rundown of the state of your wood deck and what you can do to fix any issues assuming there are any.

Clean Your Deck

Leaves and other debris can start to rot on your deck, causing unsightly staining if you don’t sweep them away as soon as possible. You can look for special deck brushes out there. You can also look for cleaning products made specifically for decks, including a high-quality sealant. We can’t talk winter deck maintenance tips without mentioning that if you do apply products, make sure you do a basic cleaning first with a power washer or some soap and a bucket of warm water.

Clear Your Deck

You don’t want anything getting damaged by the cold weather. That’s why it’s important to bring in any planters, pots, furniture, and so on from your deck. You don’t want to create more spaces for mold to accumulate, especially once warmer weather rolls around and all the ice and snow melt away, leaving behind excessive moisture. If you have to leave your furniture on your deck, just make sure you cover it and try to move it around periodically.

Go With the Grain

Whenever you shovel snow or use a broom to sweep your deck, make sure you’re going with the grain of the wood. This helps protect the surface of your wood deck. Otherwise, you risk causing some small amount of damage over time, eventually leading to much damage. It’s a small but meaningful measure.

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