Quickly Cleaning Your Screened-In Porch

If you’re in a time-crunch then do not worry. There are just a few quick steps that you need to follow to clean your screened-in porch.

Having the time to plan an event or gathering is ideal. Planning events months ahead of time takes the stress away. But what about those last-minute events? Hot weather randomly occurs in Essex, Whitemarsh, and Bel Air. Your family or friends living in Maryland may want to take advantage of that. Are your in-laws coming into town unexpectedly? Even in a time crunch, a screened-in porch can still look presentable. You can clean and declutter quickly and easily. Keep reading for tips on fast, screened-in porch maintenance.

Cleaning Your Mess

Small details matter. Books or magazines randomly lying around can make any environment messy. Blankets should be stored away in a decorative bin or basket. Are you a person who has a lot of knick-knacks?  Organizing your knick-knacks makes a room seem more spacious and cleaner.

Also, make sure to clean your rugs. Some people like to wash their rugs. You can wash rugs made of certain materials. When time is limited, sweep your rug instead. Clean cushions and pillows as well. When your screened-in porch is not in use, cover the furniture and bring it inside. The elements cause furniture to become dirty. Cleaning won’t be necessary each time a guest decides to pop up.

Cleaning the Room Itself

Wipe down the ceiling, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. You don’t want dust to fly around in the room that you just cleaned or get on your guests. To clean your screens, remove its panels. Then, use a hose to aid in cleaning maintenance. A bristled brush in combination with a cleaning solution can leave your screen panels free from debris, pollen, and dust.

Also, check for dust on any surfaces that you may have overlooked. Finally, vacuum or mop the carpeted or tiled floors.

Invest in a Quality Screen Selection

If you don’t own a screened-in porch, you’ve come to the right place. Talk to one of our professionals about durable screens. Cleaning should not be a constant chore. Make sure to pick a screen that requires minimal maintenance. If you’re a person who loves company, you don’t want to tire yourself out.

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