Seal Your Wood Fence This Spring!

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Wood fences last long with regular sealing. Here’s how it’s done.

Sealing your wood fence might seem like a chore, but it can actually be a great way to get outdoors, exercise while getting something done, and keep up a satisfactory curb appeal. Your fence will be happy, too; it can withstand the rain, hot sun, and more a lot longer and continue to look great. Spring is a great time to get outdoors and take care of the home and garden; here’s how to seal your wood fence this spring!

How to Seal Your Wood Fence This Spring

Clean the Fence

First, clean the fence. You don’t want dirt, stains, or old paint to interfere with the sealer’s ability to soak into the wood. You can use water, a detergent, and a bristle brush to scrub the fence clean of chipped paint, dirt, etc. You can also use a power washer at a very gentle setting. After cleaning is a good time to sand down any splinters. Allow the fence to dry completely.

Neutralize the Wood Fence’s pH

Sealing a wood fence is more scientific than you might think. A cleaning product can change the wood’s pH level, and you want to keep it at 4-6 pH. You can neutralize the wood fence’s chemical balance by applying a wood brightener for fences and decks. 

Protect the Surroundings

Next, cover the grass, nearby bushes, and the house’s siding if applicable with a plastic sheet or drop cloth to protect them from the wood fence sealer. Cover anything up that might get splashed by the sealant or move it out of the way.

Seal Your Wood Fence

Finally, it’s time to seal your wood fence. You can use a sprayer or paint it on if you are only using a sealer. Otherwise, it is best to paint it on if you are using a stain or paint containing a sealing solution. Check the weather forecast beforehand so it can dry completely.

Repeat Every Few Years

While it can help to hose the fence down once a year, you only need to seal your wood fence once every few years.

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