Screened Porch Lighting Ideas

Screened Porch 10

These screened porch lighting ideas will illuminate this bonus room in style.

Screened porches are bonus rooms with endless opportunities, but overall, they are generally the best indoor-outdoor spaces, giving shelter, letting in the breeze, and keeping out the bugs. A screened porch is a room you want to feel like an indoor-outdoor space. Enjoy your evening with these screened porch lighting ideas! For more ideas, click here.

Central Overhead Lighting

Central overhead lighting is the primary source of lighting in many screened porches. It can come in different forms, including ceiling fans, chandeliers, track lighting, and more. It’s best to have at least one overhead light source to illuminate your whole room when you need visibility.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights can be interspersed on the screened porch ceiling. A professional electrician can recommend best how many to have. Recessed lights give adequate overhead lighting but maintain a minimalist look.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are all the rage. They use very minimal electricity, last a long time, and give off incandescent light. They also have flexible configurations, one being strip lights that you can lay along screened porch ceiling perimeters for a unique glow.

Wall Sconces and Built-In Lights

Why keep lighting to the ceilings when you can also add it to the walls? Wall sconces, lanterns, and built-ins add ambiance and give enough lighting for specific areas in your screened porch. It is common to add wall lights between windows, over seating areas, and beside doors.

String Lights

String lights are affordable and fun. They can outline your ceiling’s perimeter or form rows of lights across it. You have a lot of options with string lights, too, since they can have different colors and bulbs. They are excellent for creating ambiance.

Outdoor Lamps

Outdoor-grade lamps look like table or floor lamps but are suitable for the outdoors. Some outdoor lamps are solar-powered, so they don’t necessarily need to plug into an exterior outlet. 

The right combination of these screened porch lighting ideas will make your screened porch a luxurious, well-lit place.

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