Three Types of Wood Fences

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Wood fences aren’t all the same! These are three main ones you might like.

Wood fences are popular among Maryland homeowners. They are simple, rustic, and get the job done. They can be as simple or as custom as one likes, and they are able to adhere to many fence styles. With so many choices, it’s a good idea to review each contender to see which option would work best for your home. If you are set on getting a wood fence in Maryland, check out these three types of wood fences.

Three Types of Wood Fences

Pressure-Treated Pine

Pressure-treated pine comes in at the lowest price option. The price can differ according to quality of the lumber. This type of fence material undergoes a specialized chemical and pressure treatment so it can withstand the outdoors. The pine is soaked in a preservative chemical and put in a container that removes all oxygen. The pressure causes the chemical to become ingrained in the wood and preserve it for years.


Cedar lumber has a natural oil that repels insects like termites, ants, and roaches. Its oil gives it the fragrance that everybody loves. This wood is also redder in color, giving any yard a sense of warmth. Of course, it is possible to stain or paint it any color you please. This softwood holds up well, especially with additional sealing every 2-3 years.


Ipe is a type of exotic hardwood that has a rich, dark color. It is one of the most popular hardwoods for outdoor living features like fences and decks. Ipe might be harder to drill into, but it will also withstand the weather, insects, and even fire. Like other woods, you can keep up its original color by cleaning, sanding, and sealing it.

Types of Wood Fence Designs

Given all these different woods for fences, what can do make with them? Popular wood fence styles include the following:

  • Picket
  • Privacy
  • Horizontal plank privacy fence
  • Paddock fence
  • Split rail fence

Finding a Great Wood Fence Installation Company

Freedom Fence and Deck is happy to help you finalize your options, find answers to questions, and build a beautiful fence for your property. Feel free to ask us for a quote today!

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