Stay Cool on Your Deck This Summer

vinyl deck in shade river background

Stay cool as a cucumber on your backyard deck this summer with these ideas!

The weather is wonderful in early summer, but as the months go on, Maryland is bound to have those classic hot and humid days when spending time in the raw outdoors is too much to bear. If you love to spend time outdoors but want to stay cool on your deck this summer, read on for some fresh ideas!

Add a Shade Structure

Freedom Fence and Deck builds decks and all the amenities that come with them, such as outdoor shade structures. These additions include pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, and screened porches. Each of these designs is flexible and can accommodate plenty of needs. There is nothing like shade to keep yourself cool.

Plant a Tree

If you would prefer a more natural shade element, try planting a tree that will grow into a large shade tree. It’s best to work with a professional on this task so your tree doesn’t end up dying prematurely or growing in the wrong place.

Use a Portable Fan

A portable fan is another way to stay cool. If there is no breeze or not enough of one during a hot summer day, you can keep the air cooler by adding an outdoor-grade fan. If you have a shade structure, you could install a ceiling fan. Tower fans, standing fans, and misting fans are just a few of the options.

Install Patio Misters

Patio misters are outdoor machines mounted overhead that periodically spray a water mist over a given area. They are very efficient at cooling people down during a very hot day, as well as cooling the immediate area. They also help minimize dust and pollen levels.

Add Plants

Adding a variety of plants, especially taller ones, can help you stay cool on your deck this summer. If you create a forest of potted plants on your deck, you will get to enjoy some shade.

Draw the Curtain

If you have an outdoor feature like a screened porch, pergola, or pavilion, installing outdoor curtains will block out some light and cool down the outdoor living space.

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