It’s Time to Replace That Aging Fence

replacing an aging fence

Replacing an aging fence allows your home to have more curb appeal

Aging is a sign of wisdom. However, in the case of a fence, it’s not wise to hold on to one if there is a lot of damage.  An aging fence detracts from curb appeal, and depending on the damage, some fences aren’t worth keeping. Do you recognize the signs of an aging fence? Today, we’re going to go some signs that your fence has seen better days. 

Wood Fences

Wood is a very cost-effective material, but since it’s a natural material, extreme weather conditions can inevitably impact a wood fence’s performance. Humidity, snow, and rain can cause a wooden fence to deteriorate after years. With this in mind, maintenance matters. Treated wood fences make a world of difference as well as regularly as well as sealing your fence. Another factor that some homeowners have to think about, unfortunately, is termite damage. Here are the signs to look out for as you walk along your wood fence

  • Splintering
  • Warping
  • Discoloration

If you’re unsure if there is damage, give our team a call. 

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are known for being low-maintenance. This material is so durable that you only have to worry about cleaning it now and then. However, some damage is typical, and there are ways that you can prevent it. First, look for cracks in the composite. If you do see cracks, then attempt to gauge how extensive the damage is. If you aren’t able to estimate the extent of the damage, then no worries. Our job is to help you assess if fence replacement should happen. 

The Benefits of Replacing An Aging Fence

A fence does so much for a home. Therefore, you want to make sure that it’s in its best shape. A fence provides security, privacy, and make a house feel like a home. Having a fence on your property speaks volumes. It says, “I’m here to stay.” Another reason you may want fence replacement is that you don’t like your fence looks, and you should! If your home is older, it may indeed be time for an upgrade. Some houses come with fences. This factor may be convenient, but if your style doesn’t match the former home owner’s tastes, it’s alright to make a change. 

Are you saying “yes” to replacing that aging fence? Then, give us a call today to get yourself one step closer to having your dream yard. 

For Your Fence Replacement Needs in Maryland

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