Baltimore Residents: Knowing When to Replace Vs. Repair Your Deck

Baltimore deck replacement

Are you a Baltimore resident that’s trying to decide if your deck has seen better days?

Are you a Baltimore resident that’s trying to decide if your deck has seen better days? Then, this is a must-read. Sometimes decks are salvageable, and we can indeed replace and restore deck boards in a process that we call “redecking.” However, sometimes decks reach the point of no return, and they become a safety hazard. If you’re not a decking expert, it can be hard to answer the “Should I have my deck replaced or repaired?” question. Today we will help you answer that. Here is how you know when it is time to replace your deck instead of repairing it. 

Do You See Erosion Around Your Posts?

A deck will usually sit on durable posts set into concrete or anchored deeply into the ground. Over time, sometimes water can move around the base of the deck, wearing away at the earth around each post. Severe erosion can make decks unstable. If you can see the concrete anchor or a post is exposed, then this is a red flag. Erosion is very dangerous because it can make your deck wobble or cause a post to snap. In the worst-case scenario, deck replacement and needs to happen if the posts are a safety hazard. 

Do You Notice Severe Deck Surface Damage?

If deck damage primarily stays in one area, then typically, the solution is replacing a few deck boards. However, if you notice extensive damage covering almost your entire deck, you should give us a call. Surface damage tends to come from water damage, wood rot, and mold. It is also a concern if you can spot crumbling wood, mold growth, and a lot of cracks and splintering. 

Do You Notice That Your Deck is Leaning? 

Ledger boards are what connect a deck to the house. When these boards are not as stable as they should be, gravity and the weight of the deck may cause the structure to lean away from your house. A leaning deck means that there is most likely a gap between the deck and the house. You or a family member could trip on the gap, or the entire structure you could collapse. Gaps also mean that water could seep in and encourage rot. 

If you recognize any signs, then it’s time to reach out to the decking experts here at Freedom Fence. We want nothing more than to help Baltimore residents love their home, one deck at a time. 

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