3 Fall Deck Maintenance Tips

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Learn how to care for your properly care for your deck this fall.

Fall is officially here which is the perfect time to provide some well-needed care to your outdoor features around your home.  Your deck, regardless of the material, requires maintenance during the autumn season, including a thorough cleaning.  It is essential to inspect and care for your deck through the fall before the frigid winter weather hits your home.  There a few simple tips you should follow to maintain the structure and look of your deck.

Clear Your Deck

One of the first steps in cleaning your deck is clearing it of leaves and debris.  Your deck is just another place around your home that leaves will fall, so it is essential that you get out the rake and scoop them up.  If your leaves and other debris are left to pile up on your deck, then plant matter can get stuck in between the boards and decay.  No one wants to deal with mold or rotting material on their deck.

Wash or Seal

Depending on the type of material your deck, you either have to reseal or wash it.  If you have a wood deck, check to see if it is still waterproof or if you need to apply another layer of sealant.  If water doesn’t bead off and absorbs into the wood, then it is time to seal your deck.  If you have a vinyl or composite deck, then all you need to do it hose off your deck thoroughly and make sure to get off all those stains from the summer.

Trim Branches

An essential task every deck owner should complete is trimming their trees of long, hovering branches.  No one want a branch to fall on their deck a winter snowfall and damaging it, costing them expensive repairs.  So make sure to trim any branches that are hanging over your deck.  It is vital if you are using a ladder to trim your trees, that you at least let someone know what you are doing in case an accident occurs.

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