4 Screened-In Porch Design Ideas That You’re Going to Love



Screened-in porches are pretty amazing. You need a screened-in porch not only to combat unpredictable Maryland weather but enjoy it as well. Rain or shine, a screened-in porch will come in handy

Screened-in porches are pretty amazing. They bring the comfort that you enjoy indoors outside. With spring being here, that means that pesky bugs will be out and about and the sun will warm things up. That also means that a lot of rain will be coming our way. The saying goes that April showers bring May flowers. Whether you’re a native Marylander or you’ve been living in Maryland long enough to experience all four seasons, then you know how tricky the weather can become. In just one week, we’ve seen the weather go from 70 degrees to 40, and on Saturday, temperatures will rise again. You need a screened-in porch not only to combat unpredictable Maryland weather but enjoy it as well. Rain or shine, a screened-in porch will come in handy. Still not convinced? Has your curiosity peaked? Keep reading to discover some cool screened-in porch designs that you’re going to love.

Add in A Fireplace

As we’ve discovered, it doesn’t always stay warm in the beginning stages of spring. If you find yourself still chilly, you can use a fireplace as a focal point. Not only does this give your screened-in porch a centralized, aesthetic feature but when winter rolls around again, you won’t have to stay indoors or invest in an outdoor heater.


Incorporate Neutral Tones and Nature

Neutral or earth-toned designs may sound boring but not in the least bit! Earth tones help to create a calm ambiance and go hand-in-hand with naturally woven furniture. Incorporating plants into your screened-in porch is yet another way to enhance a nature theme. Does this idea still seem boring to you? Throwing in a cool-toned pop of color such as green or blue breaks up the monotony.

Snooze in Your Screened-In Porch

Did you know that a screened-in porch could be your napping hideout?  By incorporating a swing bed into your porch, you can easily take naps if you need a break from everyday stresses. What’s better than reading a book or sleeping in on a rainy day in Maryland?

Enjoy the Game on Your Porch

A screened-in porch adds an extension to your indoor living area. Are you having a lot of people over to watch the Orioles play? Then, mounting a television in your screened-in porch is ideal. Rounded snack tables take up minimal space and make game day more enjoyable.

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