A Guide on Redecking the Deck At Your Ellicott City Home

Redecking a Fence Freedom Fence & Deck

Redecking a deck to have a longer-lasting, low-maintenance option is ideal!

Did you know that redecking a deck is possible? In some cases, you don’t have to replace your entire deck, saving a lot of money. So it’s crucial to know when your deck is still salvageable and when it has reached the point of no return. If you’re an Ellicott City resident that wants to give your deck your new life without spending money on new construction, Freedom Fence has you covered. Here is the difference between redecking and deck replacement

Redecking Defined

Redecking refers to the recycling of a deck’s substructure. When you resurface a deck, the new elements are its boards, rails, and stairs. Redecking can only happen when a deck’s structural integrity is still durable and safe. The framework should not have any damage. If so, you need a new deck. Typically, redecking doesn’t require a permit or inspection because there are no significant changes to the layout or structure. Why does this matter? Because you save money and upgrading your deck will take less time. 

If you’re a homeowner that now desires a low-maintenance option, the resurfacing process benefits you because you can now look forward to composite materials. It doesn’t take a lot to not only modernize your deck but enhance its longevity. 

To Redeck or Replace? That is the Question

You don’t have to figure out or answer this on your own. One of our experts can come out and examine your deck to give you the best solution. At a glance, there are a few evident signs that an upgrade needs to happen, whether it be in the form of redecking or full-on deck replacement. Here are some things that should alert your attention:

  • Weak Railings
  • Missing Spindles
  • Decaying Wood
  • Insect Damage
  • Missing Hardware

The Benefit of Choosing Freedom Fence

We currently have a deal going on where you can save $1,000 off of a new fence if it’s your first time hiring us. But besides saving money, you can look forward to our high-quality products and standards. Consider us your one-stop-shop for many of your outdoor living space needs. Do you need a fence? You can rely on us! Do you want your dwelling to be unique with a three-season room or screened porch? You can look forward to taking your home to the next level! Are you an Ellicott City resident with decking questions? We’ll be enthused to answer them! 

For All Your Decking Needs in Ellicott City

Whether you want a brand new patio in the spring or want to install a beautiful new wood fence, Freedom Fence and Home has the expertise, competitive prices, and professional service you need. Freedom Fence and Home has over 50 years of fencing experience in the Baltimore County, Harford County, Essex, White Marsh, and Bel Air area and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best customer service experience possible. To see examples of our work and pick the right fence for your home, visit us online. To get started on planning your project, give us a call at (443) 271-6841, or visit us online. For more information, tips, and updates about Freedom Fence and Home follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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