Backyard Floating Deck Design Ideas

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Is a floating deck right for you? Check out these placement ideas.

Are you looking to make your backyard outdoor living space unique and functional to the max? There are more ways to do it than you might know at first. Dream up several backyard floating deck design ideas with us! If you have a vision in mind, feel free to contact Freedom Fence and Deck for a quote!

What Is a Floating Deck?

A floating deck is also known as a freestanding deck, but when people refer to floating decks, they are more likely to associate it as a deck apart from the house as opposed to next to the house. Detached decks are growing in popularity compared to decks attached to the house. Floating decks in particular are low to the ground and can appear to float on two or more sides. Some freestanding decks made of wood deck tiles, etc., could also be called floating decks. Generally, they are not secured to the ground and are considered personal property.

Floating Deck Design Ideas

At Your Favorite Spot in the Yard

One way to look at it is merely personal. What is your favorite spot to sit in the backyard? Is there a spot you would love to sit, but can’t? If the spot is in the middle, side, or back of your yard, then a floating deck will solve your issue simply.

At the Back of Your Yard

Otherwise, from a designing point of view, the back of your property could be excellent as a private outdoor living area. If the back or back corner has enough privacy through fencing, plants, or latticework, it could be perfect for a floating deck.

Beside, Around, or Under a Backyard Feature

Do you have another backyard feature, like a pond, a flower garden, or a mature tree? How about a floating deck to give you a solid, dry base under your chair? You have a lot of room for creativity in making the deck fit the space.

Outside Your Back Door

Of course, a floating deck could also sit directly outside your back door. It could be your version of a backyard deck or sit on top of a portion of your patio.

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