How To Care For Your Wooden Fence

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Follow these tips to take proper care of you wooden fence.

If you have a fence around your property, regardless of the material, you want it to last for many years to come.  One of the best ways to preserve your home fence is to care for it regularly and make repairs as needed.  If you have a wooden fence, it is critical that you inspect it and care for it regularly since it is more susceptible to water damage compared to the other fence materials. Here a few simple maintenance tips if you have a wooden fence on your property.

Clean It Off

One of the most basic, yet effective, ways to care for your fence is to clean it with mild soap and water.  If mold or mildew happens to grow on your fence, it is critical to act quickly. You need to get rid of the mildew with a mild detergent and water, scrubbing it off with a brush.  You should hose off your fence regularly throughout the year to prevent dirt from building up.

Paint or Stain

One of best ways to protect and care for your fence is to paint or stain it.  Regardless of what you choose to apply to your fence, a brush or a roller are the best tools to use because you can get a very detailed finished product.  You should apply two coats of paint or stain, letting the first layer dry before applying the second. If you are applying paint or stain for the first time, it is essential that apply a water sealant at the end.  A sealant is the most effective at protecting your fence from water damage.


Caulking is an effective way to care for and maintain your fence.  All you need to do is apply caulk between your fence and the posts, protecting it from water damage.

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