Incorporating a Screened-In Porch Into Your Columbia Home

A screened-in porch provides an outdoor living space where you could watch movies and enjoy dinner with your guests.

Columbia is a fantastic place to travel in Howard County and Maryland overall. You could spend time there watching a movie, shopping at the mall, or grabbing a bite to eat. However, what if all of the excitement of these activities could be brought right into your Columbia home without needing to travel?  A screened-in porch provides an outdoor living space where you could watch movies and enjoy dinner with your guests. You may not be able to shop here, but you could grab your laptop and relax on the couch as you browse your favorite websites. Besides just entertainment purposes, there are many ways that you can incorporate a screened-in porch to your Columbia home. Keep reading to find out!

Use a Screened-In Porch As a Home Office

When people don’t have to step into an office to get their work done, their first inclination is to go to a  local coffee shop. However, local coffee shops can be noisy and distracting. If you work from home, why not step outside into your peaceful  screened-in porch? The sounds of nature are calming and with most of your neighbors most likely at work, you won’t have to worry about as many noisy distractions.

Make sure to buy a weatherproof desk that’s easy to clean. You’ll also need proper lighting so you won’t strain your eyes. Finally, you’ll need a trash can with a lid, a file cabinet so that your documents won’t blow away, and a place to store supplies such as pencils and pens. Electrical outlets are also critical if you plan on using a desktop or laptop.

Use Your Screened-In Porch as Another Bedroom

You can use seating that doubles as bedding. What’s more peaceful than getting some rest under the stars? If you have a large gathering, and a few guests need to stay, then a screened-in porch will extend your home. You can also add padding for those who have sleeping bags or incorporate a tent into your screened-in porch for children.

Are You Artistic? Use Your Screened-In Porch to Foster Creativity

If you love to paint or draw, the view that a screened-in porch provides will inspire you. A comfortable chair, sturdy desk, and canvas are easily portable. Did you even know that you can mount canvases to the wall for extra space?

Other Uses

  • Movie Night
  • Game Day
  • A Children’s Party

For All Your Screened-In Porch Needs in Columbia

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