Can a Sunroom Be Used as a Bedroom?

screened porch

Is it possible to turn your outdoor living space into a bedroom? It is!

A sunroom is synonymous with a three-season room. Unlike a screened porch, which only has mesh windows, a sunroom has glass windows that span wall to wall to wall. Its roof could be glass or solid material, matching the house’s roof. This sunny space can serve any purpose you want it to have, such as an extra sitting and dining room, a playroom, or a home office. Can a sunroom be used as a bedroom? It can! Before you start converting, read these important tips below.

Temperature Control

Sunrooms do not have temperature control; they need HVAC appliances separate from the home’s HVAC system. While not the best match for a mini-split, sunrooms can benefit from a portable AC, a fan, and a space heater. If necessary, you could include a humidifier or dehumidifier according to the weather. Remember to use best practices when using these appliances to avoid a fire, especially with a space heater.


A sunroom is practically a sunny glass room. It is wonderful for bringing the outdoors in and vice versa, but not so nice when you want to have some privacy, particularly if you have neighbors. Installing curtains, sunroom shades, or both is the easy fix. That way, anyone staying in your sunroom bedroom can have privacy and sleep in.


Now, it’s time for the fun part. Once you’ve put in the appropriate privacy and temperature control fittings, it’s time to add an appropriately-sized bed and whatever other furniture you need to make it an enjoyable space. Avoid overcrowding the room; less is more. If you are dividing the sunroom into a sleeping and living area, you could add privacy with a room divider. It can truly become a luxurious place to sleep!

Using a Sunroom as a Permanent Bedroom

Nothing is wrong with making the sunroom your staycation or guest bedroom. However, it is different if you want to make it into a permanent bedroom. It is important to follow Maryland’s bedroom requirements to keep the law and make the room as safe as possible. The top requirements are:

  • Head clearance of 7.5 feet
  • Door for easy entry and exit
  • An emergency egress, like a window
  • Adequate lighting, temperature control, and electricity

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